Raven is not exactly my type. I mean, the guy's got the words "Low Impulse Control" tattooed on his forehead as a warning, courtesy the United States Department of Justice, for crying out loud. Yet, I find him irresistable.

He is generally considered by his peers to be "the baddest motherfucker" on the planet in 2121. Raven is one of those Indians that makes you think FBI --and I am not talking about the Federal Bureau of Investigation! He's huge. He wears black and drives around on a Harley. But it isn't just his looks that put the fear of the Creator into you. Raven's got skills. Like many Aleuts, he knows how to chip glass into a knife so sharp it cuts through bullet-proof vests like butter. He kayaks. He is a damn good spear-thrower, and can make a spear out of almost anything, with the help of aforementioned glass knife. But what really makes Raven truly scary is that he drives around with a nuclear warhead strapped to his bike and it is set to automatically go off if he dies. You gotta love it.

I have to state here that I generally deplore violence, but a one-man army who can make its own weapons has its uses. I'm just glad to know that he's on our side.

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