Life before Columbus
      1492   Columbus reaches Turtle Island
      1519   Cortes arrives in Tenochtitlan
      1596   Pocahontas is born
Our girl in London
      1656   Kateri Tekahkwitha is born
The Iroquois Virgin
      1790   Sacagawea is born
Accompanies Lewis & Clark
      1889   Wounded Knee
      1912   Jim Thorpe wins the Pentathlon and Decathlon at the Stockholm Olympics
      1958   James Gladstone is appointed Canada's first Native Senator
      1960   First Nations gain the right to vote in Canada
Origins of the American Indian Movement
      1980   The Vatican declares Kateri Tekahkwitha "Blessed"
      1984   Alwyn Morris wins gold and bronze in Kayaking at the Los Angeles Olympics
      1990   Mohawk Crisis; Elijah Harper blocks the Meech Lake Accord
      1996   June 21st becomes National Aboriginal Day in Canada
      2004   Waneek Horn-Miller wins gold at the Athens Olympics
      2010   First Nations reported to have highest birth rate, according to Statistics Canada
      2022   Prominent lawyer becomes first Native judge of the Supreme Court
      2042   The Gitksan-Wet'suwet'en win their land claim
      2066   First Nations' land base has grown to 22% of North America
      2081   Quebec separates from Canada
      2083   The James Bay Cree separate from Quebec (taking the hydro-electric dams with them)
      2102   The senate is reformed on the model of the Clan Mothers
The man from Snow Crash
      2134   Quebec joins the Cree
      2155   Statistics Khanata reports that 83% of the population are of Aboriginal ancestry
      2163   Nakoma becomes the first Indian on Mars
      2203   First reservation established on Mars
Shake it!
      2311   Royal Commission on non-Aboriginal Peoples reaches its conclusions
      2362   Thunderbird University opens a campus on Mars
Live long and prosper
      2442   The First Nations Confederacy flies its new flag
      2298   Windspeaker reports first non-Aboriginal to win Olympic gold in 32 years.

Let the games begin