October 2007

“Second LIVE”
[co-curator with Jeremy Turner and Natalie Loveless] avatar performance stream of the LIVE Biennale of performance art
Second Life and Western Front, Vancouver, BC
Supported by Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (AbTeC)

September 2006

"Grrls, Chicks, Sisters and Squaws: Les citoyennes du cyberspace"
Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA); Winnipeg, MB

May 2004

"CyberPowWow 04: Unnatural Resources"
[co-curator with Jason E. Lewis]

October 2001

“New Fangle”
[co-curator with Jeanne Finley, Lynn Hershman, Jason E. Lewis & Benjamin Weil] produced by GenArt, San Francisco, CA

April 2001

"CyberPowWow 2K"
[co-curator with Archer Pechawis]

October 1999

“The People’s Plastic Princess”
Walter Phillips Gallery; Banff, AB

 April 1999

"CyberPowWow 2"

 February 1999

"Blanket Statements"
Walter Phillips Gallery; Banff, AB

 1995 – 1997

"Native Love"
[co-curator with Ryan Rice, Eric Roberston]