Romancing the Greek

Romancing the Geek
Blackflash Magazine Vol.24.3

"Right off the bat, I must confess: I love Jason E. Lewis. And I mean that in the full-on romantic sense of the word. We live together, own a home, and are raising a family. In addition to our domestic partnership, we have also collaborated on a number of art projects. Therefore, this review might lack a certain objectivity. However, I intend to make up for that with my intimate knowledge of the histories and contexts of these works."

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Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace
with Jason E. Lewis.
Cultural Survival Quarterly Summer 2005
Vol.29 Issue 2. 

"Cyberspace—the websites, chat rooms, bulletin boards, virtual environments, and games that make up the internet—offers Aboriginal communities an unprecedented opportunity to assert control over how we represent ourselves to each other and to non-Aboriginals."

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Blackflash Magazine Vol.21.2

"The web site is not much to look at.  A default-grey background with a rather unexciting table of contents is pretty much it. ….  Perhaps the boringness is meant to lull you into a sense of security, but don’t be fooled.  Prepare yourself, for what you are about to see may make you think that you have just done something very, very wrong to your computer."

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Ohmygod! The Bad Guy is Native??
Fuse Magazine Volume 25 Number 4 pp 37-38.

"I love science fiction. It doesn’t make a difference to me if it was written in the fifties and blathers on about how the human race has grown up to be a planetful of kind and generous self-actualized beings, or if it’s from the disenchanted eighties and describes scenarios ofa dystopian, apocalyptic, it-only-gets-worse Earth. Either way, we get to imagine our future."

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Upclose and personal

Up Close and Personal: Adventures in
Intimate Technologies.

Horizon Zero Issue 4

"What do Web cams, reality television, the cell phone conversation on the bus, credit cards “for identification purposes only,” confessional talk shows like Gerry Springer, surveillance cameras, mandatory drug testing and wearable computers all have in common? All mess with the lines we have drawn between public and private."

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On aboriginal Representation in the Gallery

Five Suggestions for Better Living.
On Aboriginal Representation in the Gallery. Ed. Lynda Jessup with Shannon Bagg.  Canadian Museum of Civilization pp 229-237

"It is incredible that in the year 2000, despite numerous attempts to the contrary, First Nations people still exist as distinct nations and are stronger than ever. The strength of a people is a function of their adaptability, Technologies and customs brought to us by Europeans such as writing, law and a thing called art - did not serve to assimilate us, Instead, we absorbed them and have learned to use them to our advantage…"

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