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This work is a Flash movie that is currently downloading in another window. If you don’t see that window, it may be behind this window. You will need to turn pop-up blocking off. The movie is 20 MB. Once the movie has finished loading, click anywhere in the window to start. Artists’ Statement“We don’t even pray over our food. We just eat it like it is ours. That’s greedy. It is a gift.” Arvol Looking Horse“When one recites the Thanksgiving Address, the natural world is thanked.” Some Old Mohawk The traditional Iroquois Thanksgiving Address is a beautiful piece of oration. Handed down from time immemorial, the list of those greeted and thanked includes the earth, the water, the thunder, the medicine herbs and more. We felt it was about time someone added a few lines so that it includes items of our technological world that we are also thankful for.In our digital video triptych, we sit before a feast of turkey, yams, squash, stuffing and cranberries and, following the form of the traditional Thanksgiving Address, we thank the Creator for some modern amenities. Commissioned in December 2002 for the EAT issue of Horizon ZeroPresented Online by Urban Shaman Gallery.