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TimeTraveller™ is a multi-platform project that features a website, at; a nine-episode machinima series; dozens of still images and a 3D printed sculpture, Hunter Mega- Figurine. Together they tell the story of an angry young Mohawk man living in the 22nd century. Despite his impressive range of traditional skills as a hunter, warrior and iron worker, Hunter is unable to find his way in an overcrowded, hyperconsumerist, technologized world. In an act of desperate clarity, he’s decided to use his edutainment system –his TimeTraveller™– to help him figure it out. “Go ahead,” he says, “Call it a vision quest.”

Thus he embarks on a journey from survival to success, mirroring First Nations’ journey since colonization. Along the way, he meets Karahkwenhawi, a young Mohawk woman from our time. Through a mysterious glitch in the system, she obtains a pair of TimeTraveller™ glasses. Shot in Second Life on AbTeC Island, each episode features a historical event of significance to Native North Americans and an Indigenous commentary on it. Included in the collections of the Thoma Foundation, National Gallery of Canada, and Musée d’art contemporaine de Montréal.  

Selected Machinimagraphs